Friday, October 22, 2010

Email Marketing-Opt in Email Advertising by J Herren

A recent study by MarketingSherpa and KnowledgeStorm found that only 68% of users always enter a valid email address. Why would you willingly choose to keep the third of the people who won't even put in their real email address ? If for some reason one of your potential customers couldn't click an email link....well, do you really want that customer ?

All the major companies use confirmed opt in and I certainly recommend you doing the same thing, don't be so concerned with the size of your email list and ignore the quality. You want to use confirmed opt-in email so that you know all your recipients of your email want to be on your list. (unsubscribe link on every email)

Most people have accepted the fact that you have to confirm email all the time for many different reasons and have grown accustomed to it. If your thank you page is clear and you feel it's as reasonable as you can make it, well then, forget the people who drop out and lower your confirmation rate. Concentrate on getting new subscribers and don't be too self conscious about your confirmation rate.

One problem you may want to address though is the word "subscribe", that word has some negative connotations in some people s' mind right away. This can be overcome if your opt-in email advertising reiterates to your potential subscriber that your newsletter or whatever the case may be is FREE.

Many programs allow for you to have a lot of control over the templates and the verbage that goes with it. Do tests and find out what works best for you. I personally don't see any negatives associated with the word "subscribe", but hey, we're all different.

How often you send out offers to your list is a whole matter altogether, just simply ask yourself when you've unsubscribed to someone before and why you did it. If your opt in email advertising is too strong, well, believe me, you'll soon find out.

Once you've mastered your opt-n email advertising then your business will see some great results.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Step For Using Your Mailing List To Create Recurring Income by Wesley

To make the most of your marketing efforts you should create a residual income. A residual income is when you get paid for work you do over and over even after the work is completed. you can create a residual income using your customer list and it will require only a little continued work to keep the money coming in.

The first thing you will need to do is choose a profitable niche to market to. Next you need to choose low competition keywords that you can get a high page rank for and be on google first page within the first 5 results. This is accomplished by creating a seo friendly web site, creating seo friendly content using your keywords and building backlinks to your web site using your seo content and other means like blog comments. You need to create a squeeze page or some means of capturing names and email addresses from your visitors . The names and email addresses are easier to get from your visitors if you give them something of value that they can use in exchange for their information.

This step is getting more difficult unless you can create a really good offer. A good offert is usually easier to create if you find some good quality private label rights products and turn it into a good quality product you can giveaway and let your visitors resell it and keep 100% of the profit. This way, if you have a good offer it will go viral and build your list quickly.

When you get your list started you can send emails to your list and give them more information they can use and promote other products to. Remember to always promote quality products using your list and continue to provide quality useful information and giveaways to keep your list happy. A happy satisfied customer list is a asset that will bring you in a cash flow long after your initial work is finished.

Using this system will allow you to create a residual income from your list that will bring in money for a long time and another great thing about this system is the fact that you can repeat it as often as you want and increase your residual income/

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Email Marketing Newsletter Tips For Beginners by Adrian Hargray

Do you have an email marketing newsletter? You should, because with a newsletter you can stay in front of your prospects and win them over with your content. A good email newsletter will be informative and will go a long way to closing more sales for your business.

Believe it or not, having an email newsletter can help to boost your traffic. If you've ever heard of Alexa, then you know that people rate your website by how much traffic you are receiving at one time. Alexa shows people your website ranking and where you stand in terms of traffic to your website. With a large list, you can boost your Alexa rankings and possibly find people who are willing to do joint venture deals with you.

Besides the acclaim and traffic, having an email newsletter can help to boost sales. When you email your list, you can email them special offers and products that you think that they will be interested in. And if you're wondering how to start a newsletter that will be helpful to your users all while increasing your sales and profits - then this article is for you.

Inside of this article, you will learn some tips for making an email marketing newsletter that will be beneficial to you and your prospects. Here's the first tip for making an email newsletter that's effective.

1) Make your content good

Always send out great content to your list. The money is definitely in the list, and with good content, you can make sure that you're doing your best to keep people subscribed. Never send out low quality information to your list. Always stick with helpful advice that they will deem useful. Here's another tip.

2) Have an enticing subject line

To make money, your prospects have to first open your email - and you can do this with an interesting subject line. If your prospects don't open your email, then what's the point of working on the content inside of the email? Make sure that your email subject line is relevant and that inspires people to click through to your email. Here's the last tip.

3) Don't email everyday

Another quick tip for boosting your response is to email your prospects every 3-7 days. You never want to come across as a pest to your subscribers so don't email your prospects everyday. This will ensure that you give them some time to miss you and that you don't come off as an un-welcomed guest when they see your email.

All of these tips for making your list profitable will work for you if you use them.

Good luck with using these tips to make your email marketing campaign profitable.

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What are the business email lists? by Andreea Buzila

Business email lists refer to those lists that contain a considerably large amount of targeted professional email addresses useful to all companies that wish to send their newsletters or advertising content to potential customers.

They can only be used along with a specialized computer program that can read the addresses and then send customized newsletters or simple emails containing only text to a large audience that activates in particular business fields. Business email lists are extremely useful to sales people that wish to invest in enlarging their activating area, to companies that are eager to raise the profits and become more and more successful. Business email lists help you build customized lists based on your targeted geographic regions, regardless being states or countries.

In today's business world, everybody knows that time is money and you need to find the perfect solution that saves you time, energy, resources and, of course, money. Wasting your time with expensive marketing campaigns that may not have the desired impact upon people you wish to contact is not the best idea you can have in order to make the company grow. The easiest way to directly contact the consumers is represented by opting for specialized business email lists. You can find best email marketing platform devoted to implementing strategies instead of managing contact information.

The best business email lists should be able to offer impressive collections of business address directories, also being capable to manage multiple business email lists. Such databases should manage unlimited numbers of email addresses along with contact names. More complex business email lists are able to organize contacts into categories and subcategories, so as to ease your work and enhance your future performance by saving time and help search for specific types of contacts a lot easier. They are also enhanced with reliable costumer assistance.

You can also create your own business email lists using specialized computer programs, but this requires a little more time than purchasing such a product. However, if you decide to do this by yourself, you will have to spend less money. A very good example of such software is represented by ContentSmartz Email Parser, a computer program that is able to collect email addresses from the Internet with a search based on specific keywords using prominent search engines. Its facilities include multi-threading, so it can deal with more than 30 email search processes at the same time.

This business email lists generator is able to export the resulted databases to plain text files so as to easily integrate them in different email clients and also server clients that use email services. This application is very easy to use, having an user friendly interface, it offers consistent help and support and has an easy setup.

It can be used by both professionals or inexperienced users. Being a fully featured business email lists generator, ContentSmartz can create databases used either in direct marketing or business promotional campaigns. You can purchase this product for a price of about $90.

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Automatic Responder - Customer management on auto Mike Deslippe

Using Automatic Responders saves an heaps of time in your online business, so much so that you simply have to use them if you really want to stay ahead in the game. I'm surprised, though, how many people don't, and of those who do, how many aren't using them as well as they could be.

What Are Autoresponders? Autoresponders (or email automatic responders) are a series of prewritten emails that automatically get sent out at a specific time that you set. These can go to your list subscribers after they subscribe, or to customers after they make a purchase. What exactly gets sent is limited only as much as your creativity.

The Purpose of Automatic Responders This series of automatic emails serves a few important functions. They ... 1. Build a relationship with your new customer or potential new customer by sending them a series of emails offering free tips, links to useful online resources, and other stuff like free reports and downloads. 2. Schedule product promotions. By pre-designing special offers and product promotions, you can improve your overall sales dramatically. 3. Save you tons of time!

I usually start by sending out a friendly "Thank You" email, which goes out immediately after someone subscribes to my list. It's a great chance to show them that you are a real, living, breathing (and caring) person. Introduce yourself and let them know a little bit about what to expect from you in the future. Keep it short, friendly and most of all, reassure them that you will do your best to help them/provide them with useful stuff.

I also often include a great freebie right away and say something like "to show my appreciation for signing up, I wanted to give you a free copy of my latest ebook ... etc. etc." If you make it something really good then you can be sure they'll open your next email right away!

The "Free E-course" Automatic Responder A great way to build a relationship with your new potential customer is the free E-course. Sending out a series of emails with some insightful information works wonders for your credibility and perceived expertise.

It's not as hard as it seems. Pick a relevant idea - for instance, "how to seal your asphalt driveway," if that's your industry, or "7 steps to increasing the life of your laptop" - and just write a series of short "how to" articles. Don't worry, you're not teaching a Master's Degree here ... just demonstrating your knowledge and providing some useful information.

The Need for an Automatic Responder Plan Whatever you decide to send out, you need a plan. Sit down and make a list of all the things you could send out for free, and another list of all the special offers and promotions you could also make. Then come up with the right delivery mix ... a practical schedule to release each of these pieces of content to all your new potential customers.

Of course, creating all of those pieces of free content might take a bit of time, as will all of your sales pages for the various promotions ... but after you've done it once, then every new potential customer that signs up to your list will get instantly funneled into your automatic responder pre-selling and sales process, all without you ever having to lift another finger. Ultimately that is the most effortless way to increase your exposure, your credibility, and your sales!

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